About us



Nominated by Wallpaper Magazine as, “an accessory designer to watch” and sponsored by the Guild of bag makers, Sonya Kashmiri produces understated beautiful pieces that are carefully handcrafted.  Sonya’s commitment to craftsmanship and quality materials in her work has resulted in the brand being recognised as one of the top twenty sustainable fashion brands by Grazia magazine. Prior to launching her own label, Sonya lectured at the London College of Fashion and worked as a sneaker designer. Wanting to work in a more sustainable way, Sonya launched her own label that centred on an ethos of creating timeless pieces that transcend seasonal fashion.


Our Products

We are inspired by functional design and structural shapes, and enjoy working with people that understand skilled craftsmanship.

We focus on using high quality materials that are natural, organic and recycled.

Our leather is tanned using a vegetal process from a traditional Italian tannery in Santa Croce, this is free from harmful chemicals such as chromium and heavy metals, which are carcinogenic instead using mimosa, bark and plant extracts instead. Although an expensive and longer process, it can take up to six weeks, this method is a cleaner method of tanning leather as the waste can be easily recycled. This leather is finished with oils and waxes, which results in its patina (colour) becoming darker as it ages.

Our interior linings are made from organic cotton, safer for the farmers and the environment, originally sourced from South America.

Recycled leather is used as an internal structural layer; this is made from off cuts from scrap leather which are remade locally into a recycled leather. Sourced from Portugal, where our Accessories are made by skilled craftspeople.