Looking after your Accessory

We work with an Italian tannery that supply our beautiful vegetable tanned leathers a more natural process of tanning leather, which is Chrome free and that can take up to four weeks to produce. These full grain leathers have no synthetic covering and are sensitively finished with oils and waxes. Vegetable tan leathers darken and develop with exposure to light, and this natural aging process gradually enhances the personality of your bag.

Take care not to over-fill your bag as this will cause it to loose shape and weaken the handles over time. When you’re not using your bag, stuff it with bubble wrap - it doesn’t attract the moths like tissue paper - and store it in the provided dust bag. For longer term storage undo straps so that impressions are not created. Leather is like skin and needs to be looked after - dependant on your use we recommend once to twice a year to use a natural beeswax to keep the leather protected. Babywipes are good for keeping the leather clean, or you can try dampening a soft cloth and dipping it into a mild liquid and tepid water mix such as Ecover Washing up Liquid then gently wipe the surface. Then use just a little warm water and leave to naturally air dry. Never scrub it, but gently buff the surface it is difficult to remove stains from leather, so don’t let biros and make up loose in your bag. Be careful of pigment transfer from the leather onto light coloured clothing this may happen from time to time. If you wear dark coloured clothing, such as a denim this colour may rub onto the leather also. Please keep your Accessory out of direct sunlight or heat for prolonged periods of time (for example sitting in a window all day) to avoid uneven colouration and when not in use please store in the dustbag provided.