Customer Testimonials

 “Absolutely love my Mia bag, I am never without it when travelling - for me it's the ideal companion, worn close to the body it holds all my document essentials and iphone. Above all it has a distinctive shape, that sets it's apart and brings a little character to my overall look.”

Teresa Harvvas


 “Miss Mia is another perfect bag by Sonya Kashmiri.  Fits everything you might need for a weekend around town; wallet, phone, sunglasses, kindle all in...with space left for other essentials.”

Lucy Hasson, Brockley


"Miss constance, the attention to detail is second to none; her bags have a timeless elegance tempered with an individuality that really appeals to me. I couldn't be without one!"

Caroline O'Byrne, Stoke Newington


" Miss Alicia has changed my life. She is constantly by my side looking after my everyday essentials. People always comment on her structure and perfect everyday size ! " 

Merryn Leslie owner of 69B


''I met Miss Sophia more than a year ago and she has since become my best friend and we are now inseparable. It is the perfect sized bag for the day to day, and I have realised it is ageing in a very beautiful way. ''

Laura Villasenin designer of Miista shoes 


" It's all in the details for me I love the structural shape, the stitched quilted fingers and the added touch of the vintage fabric lining the inside. Most importantly it goes with anything and everything. I wear it cross-body in the day, and as a clutch at night."

Rena Sala public relations consultant

" I have four and I want more."

 Orsola De Castro - Designer and curator of Esthetica at London Fashion Week



" My bag is by Sonya Kashmiri, it looks really simple but it's actually a complicated design " Quote taken from The Guardian

 Dilys Williams - Centre for Sustainable Design London College of Fashion


"Designer of pretty much the perfect Handbag" Quote taken from Eco Age on Twitter

Livia Firth