Our Product


We focus on traditional handcrafted skills, attention to detail whilst still giving a timeless modern feel. Inspired by functional design and structural shapes, we love working with people that understand skilled craftsmanship.

Our leather is Chrome free and although a more expensive and longer process it is a more sustainable method of producing leather. Veg tan leather is free from harmful chemicals such as Chromium and heavy metals, using mimosa and plant extracts instead, finished with oils and waxes which results in it's patina becoming more beautiful as it ages. We work with a traditional Veg tan leather tannery in Italy that have produced this type of leather for over fifty years, it can take up to four weeks to produce our leather, but we think it is worth the wait. We use organic cotton fully certified by the European Eco Label for our lining material, safer for the farmers and the environment. Recycled leather is used as a structural support for some of the internal areas of our bags this is made from off cuts of scrap leather, sourced from Portugal where we produce our Accessories. For us it is important that the materials reflect the quality and craftsmanship throughout it's process to create a well made product, that's made to last.