Astrid the Sneaker Designer...

 Astrid-Sneaker-Designer-Alicia-BagIn conversation with Astrid, our friend and occasional customer:

What made you want to be a sneaker designer?  I studied industrial design in Paris which made me fascinated with both the technical and aesthetic approach to design. The sneaker is the perfect product which allows me to explore and express my combined interest in fashion with the more functional aspect of design. It also helps that I'm a bit infatuated with shoes and have a growing collection of trainers. I love playing with colour and there is hardly a better product accessory than the trainer for this! 

Do you have a favourite place to visit in London ? The past year in lockdown has most certainly made me appreciate London’s green spaces. Hampstead Heath gives me the feeling of home, even after 10 years of exploring every track and hidden pathway you can still find yourself disorientated and imagine yourself lost in the woods. To have the luxury of all that open wild space whilst having London on your doorstep is best of both worlds. Next on my list is to swim in the ponds.

What's the best advice you have been ever given? I grew up in Japan, and always in the back of my mind, I can hear the expression, “Ganbatte”. It’s an expression which embodies the Japanese spirit and their view on perseverance and determination. It is used as encouragement to ‘do your best’. I can still hear an echo of this from my stern head teacher!